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Items Listed Every day so Check Back Daily - Bidding ends on Tuseday 6/4/19 Listings will end starting at 7pm Eastern Time, in numerical lot number order, 3 listings per minute. Bids made on a particular item in the last 10 minutes will extend that item 10 minutes to give an underbidder the opportunity to rebid.

Item Description
5.Nice Sofa See Pics
6.Antique Estey solid oak wash stand commode Square Towel Rack Made in Owosso Mi 1 Pull is Missing See Pics
7.Nice Maple Chest of Drawers Vintage See Pics
8.Nice Chest of Drawers Vintage See Pics
9.Nice Custom Built Berne Furniture Sofa St James Collection See Pics
10.Antique Oak Table See Pics
11.Retro Table See Pics
12.Mid Century Modern Shelf with Copper See Pics
13.Late 1800's Flat Top Steamer Trunk Antique Vintage Trunk Treasure Chest See Pics
25.Solid Wood Side Table See Pics
28.Nice Picture of Detroit See Pics
29.Floor Lamp See Pics
30.Vintage Book Shelf See Pics
94.Vintage Table/Plant Stand See Pics
97.Nice Signed and Numbered Picture See Pics
100.Commercial Mop with Bucket and Wringer See Pics
101.Rubbermaid Multilingual"Caution" Floor Sign, Plastic, 11 x 1 1/2 x 26, Bright Yellow
205.Nice Signed Picture See Pics
460.Double Shepherd Hook Heavy Duty See Pics
461.Like New Blue Hawk Garden Rake See Pics
462.Good Spade Shovel See Pics
463.12 ft Cane Bamboo Fishing Pole See Pics
500.Collectible clear glass rabbit paperweight see pics
501.Vintage Kanawha Blown Glass Amber Rabbit Figurine Original Sticker
502.Vintage pink frosted rabbit see pics
503.Vintage cobalt blue blown glass rabbit see pics
504.Vintage handmade marble ashtray see pics
505.Vintage Fenton Marigold rabbit see pics
506.Vintage Fenton Marigold rabbit see pics
507.Small art glass Vase see pics
508.Vintage Dracula porcelain head see pics
509.Vintage eggs shape glass paperweight
510.Joe Rice Bird Chick Paperweight See Pics
511.Vintage Bear Princess house 25% lead crystal made in West Germany paperweight see pics
512.Collectible clear iridescent bubble rabbit paperweight see pics
513.Paperweight Joe Rice Apple Red Green Stem Paperweight Glass
514.Vintage frosted big eyed chickadee Cristallerie Zwiesel Germany paperweight see pics
515.Claire class rabbit paperweight see pics
516.Vintage aqua blue Fenton rabbit see pics
517.Vintage Murano glass paperweight made in Italy With tag see pics
518.Clear glass rabbit figurine/paperweight see pics
519.Claire glass Bear figurine see pics
520.Art glass red and white napkin wave vase see pics
521.Vintage A WOLF Original handmade soapstone sculpture Mama Bear & Cub
522.Vintage Murano Paperweight see pics
523.Vintage green glass grape bottom see pics
524.Art glass planter/bowl see pics
525.Clear Glass Bubble Paperweight Signed on Bottom See Pics
526.Vintage pottery cheese dish signed on bottom see pics
527.Vintage REAL Taxidermy Butterfly / Moth in Lucite Display Case
528.Vintage REAL Taxidermy Butterflys in Lucite Display Case
529.Vintage REAL Taxidermy Butterfly's in Lucite Display Case
530.Vintage REAL Taxidermy Butterflys in Glass Display Case
531.Vintage REAL Taxidermy Butterfly in Glass Display Case
532.Vintage REAL Taxidermy Butterfly in Glass Display Case
533.Vintage REAL Taxidermy Butterfly's in Glass Display Case
534.Vintage REAL Taxidermy Butterflys in Lucite Display Case
535.Vintage elephant figurine mama and baby elephants see pics
536.Nice glass dear figurine see pics
537.Art glass fish see pics
538.The Toscany collection 25% leaded crystal candleholder see pics
539.Vintage Maybe turquoise??? lion figure see pics
540.Vintage marble man figuring hand carved see pics
541.Vintage hand carved turtle maybe turquoise??? See pics
542.Vintage hand carved Elephant maybe turquoise??? See pics
543.Collectible Glass cow 24% lead crystal see pics
544.Vintage clear glass cat figurine see pics
545.Vintage snail paperweight See pics
546.Wolf Original Beaver Soapstone Sculpture Hand Made Canada
547.Vintage ceramic peacock figuring see pics
548.Vintage green and clear glass Swan see pics
549.Collectible clear glass squirrel see pics
550.Vintage Hand Carved Horse on Cowrie Sea Shell
551.Art glass Duck see pics
552.Vintage marble tree with birds in it see pics
553.Vintage glass ducks flying figurine see pics
554.Vintage flying Owl figuring see pics
555.Vintage blue art glass owl See pics
556.Vintage copper Hummingbird decor see pics
557.Lefton Bird trinket box see pics
558.Vintage Alabaster Bird in Trinket Box See Pics
559.Vintage Bird Salt & Pepper See Pics
560.Vintage Bird Planter Occupied Japan
561.Vintage Bird Planter See Pics
562.Vintage Swan Match Box Holder See Pics
563.2 Vintage Bird Figurines See Pics
564.Lot of Vintage Bird Figurines See Pics
565.Vintage Blown Glass Swan See Pics
566.Vintage Blown Glass pitcher/Vase See Pics
567.Vintage Glass Flower Bowls See Pics
568.4 Vintage Glasses See Pics
569.Vintage Carnival Green Iridescent Pedestal Compote
571.Vintage Pottery Vase Signed See Pics
572.Vintage Alabaster Hand Carved Elephant See Pics
573.Collectible Tea Pot See Pics
574.Vintage Pottery Vase See Pics
575.Precious Moments "Thee I Love" 1989 Porcelain # E-3116
576.Vintage Asian Small Vase See Pics
577.Vintage Blue Glass Angle See Pics
578.Witch Planter
579.Vintage Asian Vase See Pics
580.Vintage Marigold Carnival Iridescent Glass Vase, Iris Pattern See Pics
581.Vintage Asian Vase Signed See Pics
582.Vintage Imperial Marigold Carnival Glass Vase 11 3/4" Fluted Scalloped Edge Paneled
583.Vintage Asian Vase Signed See Pics
584.Vintage Asian Vase Signed See Pics
585.Vintage Asian Vase Signed See Pics
586.Vintage Chinese Ginger Jar w/ Lid Geisha Trees Flowers Signed on Base
587.Vintage Old Porcelain Enamel on Copper Chinese Vase See Pics
588.Vintage Alabaster Asian Figurine Man Hand-Carved
589.Vintage Pink glass angel figurine see pics
590.Vintage Hand Carved Birds See Pics
591.Vintage Marigold Footed Iridescent Carnival Glass Bowl Candy Dish
592.Vintage Imperial Glass Hobstar Carnival Cookie Biscuit Jar See Pics
593.Vintage Iridescent Carnival Glass Jar with top
594.Vintage Indiana Glass Harvest Grape Gold Carnival Glass Canister/Cracker Jar
595.Vintage Marigold Footed Iridescent Carnival Glass Bowl Candy Dish
596.Vintage Imperial Glass Hobstar Carnival Cookie Biscuit Jar See Pics
597.Vintage Blue Footed Iridescent Carnival Glass Bowl Candy Dish
598.Vintage Marigold Footed Iridescent Carnival Glass Bowl Candy Dish
599.Vintage Marigold Footed Iridescent Carnival Glass Bowl Candy Dish
600.Fenton Mandarin Red Candy Dish with Lid See Pics
601.Vintage Marigold Footed Iridescent Carnival Glass Bowl Candy Dish
9100.1 of 16 lot of new Pulls belwith hardware see pics.
9101.10 new belwith Pulls.
9102.New 15 belwith Pulls.
9103.15 new belwith porcelain handles and 15 knobs.
9104.Bilwith 14pcs Round Shape Drawer Cupboard Locker Pulls Handles Wardrobe Drawer Cabinet Home Kitchen Hardware (Red)
9105.9-new belwith hardware see pics
9106.6-3.5 In. Belwith Pulls nice see pics.
9107.3.5 In. Belwith Pulls nice see pics.
9108.3.5 In. Belwith Pulls nice see pics.
9109.4.5 In. Belwith Pulls nice see pics.
9110.10 belwith hinges new see pics.
9111.10 belwith hinges new see pics.
9112.20 belwith hardware new see pics.
9113.15 belwith knops new see pics.
9114.42-new brass backer plates see pics
9115.16-brass backer plates,15 see pics.
9116.36 ROUND CABINET KNOB see pics
9117.16 brass backer plates see pics
9118.wood shelf and doll chair see pics
9119. nice table with two chairs for dolls
9120.wooden doll bed collectible see pics
9121.wooden doll bed See pics.
9123.vintage footstool round see pics. doll stroller walker see pic.
9125.complete set of hunting and fishing books see pics
9126.9 rolls of wallpaper and 2 wallpaper tray see pics. Peerless kitchen faucet see pics.
9128.200 patd tool 12-29 1923 with and another vintage tool see pics.
9129.vintage hammers see pics.
9130.vintage ice tongs
9131.vintage nail puller old handheld drill see pics.
9132.Folding Handle Vintage Tool Sharp see pics
9133.vintage paint scraper see pics.
9134.4-old vintage tools see pics
9135.8 extension cords
9136.10 extension cords
9137.small grow light see pics
9138.10 inch buffing wheel see pics
9139.6-new cans stain and 3-bags Straight Fluted Wood Dowel Pins.
11100.Large size Disney One Hundred and One Dalmatians book. Clean, no rips.
11101.Large size Disney The Fox and the Hound book. Clean, no rips.
11102.Large size Disney Beauty and the Beast book. Clean, no tips, just a name inside.
11103.Weber grill. Looks in good shape but could use a better cleaning (more cobwebs than grease inside) and a new propane tank.
11104.Bird bath looks like stone or cement but it's some kind of heavy sturdy plastic. Would clean up nicely.
11105.2 Urn plastic planters
11107.Dream Dazzlers small kid's scooter
11108.2 new hats from The Caverms in Tennessee. The place Bluegrass bands play in a cave.
11109.Dobbs hat box and hat
11110.2 Fenton Hobnail matching vases. No chips, no cracks, clean
11111.Cabbage Patch doll. One shoe is missing
11112.Tracy Porter Alouette large platter or tray. Clean, no chips
11113.Tracy Porter Alouette pitcher, clean, no chips
11114.Small Lenox Cabbage vase. No chips, clean
11115.Small Lenox Swan. No chips, clean
11116.Promotional Radio Flyer wagon from JC Penney and Osh Kosh B'gosh. Think we got this in the early 90s free with kids clothes purchase.
11117.The Playboy Club 2 glass mugs
11118.Avon cracker dish could be planter or catch all dish.
11119.Rotary slide tray Unopened
13900.Golf ball display rack made in the shape of a golf green, two of the golf tee's are broken but can easily be fixed or replaced, it is about. 26 x 14
13901.Very nice and expensive wall clock, it is about 24 x 14 x 7 and is made by waltham, it is a 31 day chime clock, chimes on the hour and half hour
13902.Brand new with tags, dressy sweater from catherine's size 5X
13903.Denim with cats, dressbarn size large
13904.Oxo bacon crisper, i believe it is brand new, estate item
13905.Very nice set of vintage glass or crystal candleholders, no damage
13906.Brand new coleman cooler, 1 gallon
13907.Vintage toys
13908.4 yo yo's, all with string
13909.1993 mattel toy train cars
13910.Lot of lego's
13911.3 vintage cassette tapes, star wars, and two teddy ruxpin
13912.2 vintage cap rockets and 2 boxes of caps
13913.5 different vehicles
13914.1980 pair of mcdonalds sunglasses still sealed
13915.3 batman metal figures 92
13916.3 batman figures 93
13917.5 older donald duck figures
13918.Vintage rubber mickey mouse figure, walt disney productions, 5 1/2 inches
13919.2 small clown dolls about 4 inches
13920.3 mini alexander dolls 4 1/2 inch, the witch and the cowardly lion and another
13921.Very nice crocheted blue afghan, it is about 60 x 42 and has no damage
13922.Four paws dog grooming mat removing comb, new or like new
13923.3 different medals
13924.Brand new with tags, large angry birds flag for over 8 years of age about 27 1/2 x 43
13925.Brand new large cup that reads, live in the meow
13926.Vintage fur lucky rabbits foot
13927.Invion from an estate, i am not sure what this is
13928.Lot of costume jewelry
13929.Lot of purses, a travel purse, hides money around your waste(expandible) one with butterflies ,one with sequins, one is leather and the last is vintage with a zipper
13930.Nice metal or chrome keurig pod holder, no damage
13932.Tang trio toy, still in sealed package
13933.Bodum by jorgensen coffee maker, thermal french press starbucks, and a starbucks barista pitcher
13934.2 different wooden toys
13935.Very nice godiva porcelain cup/glass with rubber lid,6 inches tall, very nice no damage
13936.Nice clay? Mug reads make it brief
13937.Camera tripod,platinum plus by sunpak
13939.One dozen sealed packages of keychain bottle openers that reaf xfinity
13940.Brand new set, pin with matching pierced earrings
13941.Very cute rabbit pin wit several dangles
13942.Set of pierced earrings, along with a piece that looks like it could be a pendant
13943.Jewelry thst needs to be fixed or restrung
13944.Pieces of a necklace to remake, not sure what kind of material this is very unique
13945.Brand new mens slippers size M 7-8
13946.Box of 1990 score football cards, all in very good condition
14400.1951 SILVER DIME
14401.1955 D SILVER DIME
14402.1951 D SILVER DIME
14403.1956 SILVER DIME
14409.1941 D MERCURY DIME
14730.Large tub of kitchen and household items, all in good used condition, includes cake or pie stand, dessert trifle glass bowl, four (4) coffee cups, four (4) plates, four (4) nice chili or soup bowls, olive oil bottle, hand painted gravy boat, large platter for roast or whatever you like, two (2) plastic bowls and more, check pics, includes nice storage tub
14731.Robert Parker Jr. The Wine Advocate Fifty-Two (52) Issue's Total 1995-2007, great for reseller or wine enthusiast There are several complete years in this lot. Please see below for breakdown by year. 1995- issue #102 1996- issue's #105, 107, 108 1997- Complete year issue's #109-114 1998- Complete year issue's #115-120 1999- Complete year issue's #121-126 2000- Complete year issue's #127-132 2001- issue's #133, 134, 135, 136, 137 2003- issue #150 2004- Complete year issue's #151-156 2005- issue's #157, 158, 160, 161, 162 2006- Complete year issue's #163-168 2007- issue #169
14732.Subway Art 25th Anniversary Edition Hard Cover Martha Cooper Henry Chalfant Book Large book, measure's about 17 x 11 Lots of beautiful pictures Hard cover Book Great item for art fan or reseller, this book sells for around $40 on eBay
14733.The Modern Steam Car and its background by Thomas S. Derr Include's insert on historical steam cars by Floyd Clymer vintage book and hard to find
14734.five (5) sports posters, boxing cobo arena, Detroit Redwings, Detroit Tigers, all are in good condition and were never displayed, great for reseller or sports fan
14735.Over Thirty (30) Wolf Awareness Week posters, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2003 and more, multiple copies of each, these are two sided posters, artwork on one side and information about wolves on the other sided, All thirty (30) plus posters are in good condition, never displayed
15100.Trio of Vintage Flower Porcelain Baskets
15101.Sixteen Volume Set Of Family Circles's Illustrated Library of Cooking
15102.New in Box But Older Sunbeam Quartz Heater
15103.Lot of Vintage Cooking Publication s
15104.Set of Fall Themed Trays and set of 5 green genuine melamine bowls
15105.Set of 2 old Ford Motor Company Hub Caps
15106.Brand New Splash Guards
15107.3 Vintage Glass Coke Bottles
15108.Lot of Antique Tools
15109.Another Lot of Antique Tools
15110.Antique K&M popcorn Popper
15111.Vintage Bake King Pans trio
15112.Vintage Religious Books
15113.Lot of Brand New Picture Frames (3)
15114.Lot of 3 Eva Gabor Wigs
15115.Painted antique pan decoration
15116.3 Vintage Anton Pieck art pieces
15117.Vintage Thermometer s
15118.Vintage telephone style picture frame
15119.Antique White hand held buttonholer
15120.An Avon Vintage Book, "A Victorian Book Of Days"
15121.Love, medicine, and miracles, and Peace, Love, And Healing
15122.Lot of 3 Desert Books
15123.6 vintage publications
15124.7 Vintage Books on Calorie and Carbohydrates Counting
15125.Mayo Clinic Family Health Book And 2 More Books
15126.Lot of 4 Books
15127.Lot of 3 Magazines , TIME Dec 6, 1963; LIFE Feb 14, 1964; LOOK March 1964
15128.POST Magazines from 1964 FEB and JULY
15129.Lot of 2 HANDYMAN Magazines And 3 REDBOOK Magazines Including Special John F. Kennedy Memory Edition
15130.Lot of Duck Decoration; Duck Napkin Holder
15131.Hanging Wood Duck , Made in Philippines
15132.Vintage Historical Cast Heads
15133.Fancy Flower Decorated Box with Trays
15134.Wooden hanging man and woman
15135.vintage Phyllis Gorman Honeytree Bear
15136.Antique Picture Framed
15137.Lot of wooden wall hangings
15138.Doll sized little wooden desk
15139.Antique farm tool
15140.Vintage kitchen lot
15141.Vintage Mirro-Matic , like new
15142.Teddy Bear Tin Full of Matches
15143.Vintage Playskool Letter Word Blocks with Container
15144.Wooden Hanging Whale
15145.Set of fruit tin and trays
15146.Mini Paddington Bear Collectible
15147.Presto Power Pop , like new
15148.Vintage Fruit Themed Set
15149.Set of Country Themed Coffee Cups
15400.Canon Canonet G-III QL17 Film Camera with Canon 40mm 1:1/7 Lens & strap. Needs new batteries. Untested. Appears to be in good condition.
15401.Asahi Pentex K1000 Film Camera with Pentax-M 1:2 50mm Lens. Strap, lens cover & new batteries included. Some sticky on backside & number etched. Works.
15402.Canon AE-1 Film Camera with Canon 50mm 1:1.8 Lens & Vivitar 135mm 1:2.8 Lens. Included Canon Speedlite, strap, new batteries, instruction book & case. Nice condition. Works.
15403.Anne Klein Lorri Wedge Silver/Grey Sandals. Size 6m. Very good condition.
15404.Vintage Sarah Coventry matching 2.5” silvertone brooch and clip-on earrings set. Very good condition.
15405.Vintage Sarah Coventry Allusion matching brooch and clip-on earrings set. Very good condition. No missing stones.
15406.Proactive Acne & Skin Rejuvenating Treatments. New old stock. Expired, but never opened.
15407.WeTek Hub Android TV box. Includes all cords, remote & instructions. Works.
15408.Garmin Nuvi GPS 255WT. Needs new battery. Includes adapter & instructions.
15409.Lucite bracelet with iridescent stones. Very good condition. No stones missing.
15410.Vintage jade bracelet with matching pierced earrings. VG.
15411.Jade? 1-1/4” pendant with matching pierced earrings. Also includes charms, earrings, etc. VG.
15412.Assortment of pierced earrings.
15413.Black beaded necklaces, bracelet & pierced earrings set.
15414.TRESemme travel sized hair spray & mouse. New.
15415.New Febreze Hawaiian Air Freshener 8.8 oz. 2 cans, never used.
15416.Assortment of perfumes & body mists. Pre-owned. Eternity, Heart, Haiku, Bath & Body Works.
15417.Fixodent, mouthwash, Colgate travel tube & Lemon swabsticks. All new.
15418.Loreal Excellence Creme. B2 Extreme Light Beige Blonde. New old stock. Never used.
15419.Medline Remedy Calazime & Skin Barrier Protectant Ointment. Purchased but never used. Good for bedsores & diaper rash.
15420.Books for ministers on funerals, marriage & prayer.
15421.Doro PhoneEasy 626 cell phone with larger numbers. Purchased through Target & set up with Consumers Cellular. Account closed.
15422.Assortment of autographed photos from some stars.
15423.White flat sheet with one pillow case. New, never used.
15424.Leggs Nude & Black pantyhose along with some shoulder pads. One package was opened, but all appear to be new.
15425.Black mesh laundry basket. Like new.
15426.Purple flexible desk lamp. Works!
15427.Painting on canvas. Measures 20” x 10”.
15428.Terrasoles blue womens comfort shoes size 7. Very good condition.
15429.Oreck Model XJ-100 Refrigerator Air Purifier. Needs batteries. Works!
15430.Concave picture frames (3). Measures 12” x12” & 11-3/4' x 10”.
15431.Large black leather binder with zipper/handles. Measures 14” x 11.5”. Nice organizer.
15432.Assortment of black organizers. Some are leather. Day Runner, Plan Ahead & Lisa Loren. Largest one measures 9.5” x 8.5”.
15433.Black leather Day Runner zippered padfolio. Measures 13-3/4” x 10”. Good condition.
15434.Black leather Cambridge zippered padfolio. Measures 12-1/2” x 9-3/4”. VG
15435.Black leather large Bible cover. Measures 10” x 7” x 2”. VG
15436.Desk organizer. Measures 12.5” x 8”. Newell Office Products.
15437.Leather trim handbag collection. New, 6 pieces. Includes, briefcase, portfolio, clutch purse, checkbook, coin purse, key case & calculator. Purchased for over $200, but never used.
15438.Rehabilitator Ankle Brace. My mom used this when she had drop foot after hip surgery. It's used to stabilize the ankle when injured. Can fit inside a regular women's shoe size 7.
15439.Vintage black leather Coach purse. Authentic. Measures 10” x 10.5” x 3.5”. VG
15440.Artic Zone small bottle cover/carrier. Keep you beverage cold. Measures 8” x 4”.
15441.Soundesign Wacky Alarm Clock 3131L. Assortment of different voices to wake you up!
15442.Burberry prescription glasses with hard shell case.
15443.Vintage green leather Coach purse. Authentic. Measures 11” x 9.5” x 4”. VG
15444.Aviator HD Vision Women's Sunglasses. One pair has some wear (see photo), but other pair is in very good condition.
15445.Fuller brushes. Clothes & upholstery cleaning brushes.
15446.Linda Page's Healthy Healing book. Back cover has a couple of cuts (see photo). 651 pages of great health info.
15447.Rattan basket with handles. Measures 18” across.
15448.Box of 85 new blank DVD holders.
15449.1 & 1/2 boxes of white packing peanuts. Box measures 15” x 16” x 17”.
15450.Fruit bowl & matching pedestal dish. Measures 14” x 11-1/2” and 8” across on smaller dish. Very good with no apparent damage.
15451.Purple Twin Sized Bed Comforter. Laundered and ready to use. No apparent rips or stains. Very good condition.
15800.Boston Warehouse Cake Stand
15801.Air Soft Shotgun & Pistol Untested
15802.Remington Hi Speed .22 Rounds
15803.Battery Charger
15804."Tap Tap" Bongos
15805.New Ink Cartridges
15806.Avon Mug
15807.Christmas Glasses Lot of 6
15808.Christmas Snowman Globe New
15809.Desk Fan Brand New
15810.Lot of Hardcover Cat Books
15811.Lot of Hardcover Cat Books
15812.Waterford Cocktail Shaker
15813.Locomotives Hardcover Book
15814.Boston KS Fishing Reel
15815.1945 D Mercury Dime
15816.1940 S Mercury Dime
15817.Vintage Glasses
15818.Milkglass Shoe
15819.Drawings of the Masters HC Book
15820.Wine Bottle Styled Candles
15821.Candles Lot of 3
15822.Lot of Keys
15823.McCoy Tea Pot
15824.Silver Proof 10 Pence Coin
15825.1990 Silver Proof 5 Pence Coin
15826.Sierra Leone Coin
15827.Lot of 3 War Nickels
15828.Confederate States Old Bills COPIES
15829.Old American Bills COPIES
15830.American Methodist Coin
15831.Texas Rangers Badge
15832. Ekco Fishing Lure
15833.Spirit of St. Louis Leather Wallet
15834.Green Glass Vase
15835.Top 100 Funniest Moments VHS NEW
15836.Lot of Horse Shoes
15837.Rose Pattern Serving Platter
15838.Party Rock Records
15839.Wood Hanger
15840.Mudhut Shower Curtain
15841.Lot of Yarn
15842.Lot of Hardcover Cat Books
15843.Lot of Various Records
15844.Egyptian Art
15845.Lot of Car Toys
15846.Testors Dodge Charger Daytona
15847.Lot of NASCAR Items New
15848.Lot of NASCAR Items New
15849.Lot of NASCAR Items New
15850.Lot of NASCAR Items New
15851.Lot of NASCAR Items New
15852.Lot of NASCAR Items
15853.Lot of NASCAR Items New
15854.Dale Earnhardt Sport Bracelet NEW
15855.Dale Earnhardt Lot NEW
15856.Dale Earnhardt Lot
15857.Hot Wheels & NASCAR Photo Frame NEW
15858.HMS Bounty Ship
15859.Metal Train Pencil Sharpener
15860.Honduras Axe Shaped Wallhanger
15861.Spartan Ice Title Article w/Frame
15862.Spooky Picture
15863.Lot of Halloween Stuff
15864.Rasta Man Hat
15865.Strange Pottery Bust
16200.Stamp lot (4) -lion and lamb by: Prince of Peace -duck in car labeled “Heaven Here I Come” by: Prince of Peace -teddy bear with heart -teddy bear
16201.2 kids John Deere rubber toys John Deere licensed product. 1 doubles as a book 1 not sure what it does. Still fun for small children Used condition
16202.Lot of 2 xbox controllers -1 pink “rock candy” brand with white cord attached -1 black controller with black cord connected. Not sure if they work look like good condition
16203.Atari 3 flashback Good condition -~all cords included ~joy stick included Have not tested ALL games but seems to work fine Used but good condition over 15 games included
16204.Thomas train. Talks, has sensors for responsive play. Good condition. No track or friends included so not sure if it works properly because no batteries
16205.I phone 7& 8 cell phone case. Green color interesting texture New in box made for phone protection
16206.Antique medicine bottle clear Measurements on both sides of bottle. Bottom of bottle reads.. an “o” inside a square shape and the word “WENS”
16207.Ceramic white elephant with blue glasses Very cute, bottom read “GOT”
16208.Vintage Frogger game (plug n play) Comes with all connection cords and works well. Used but good condition
16209.Snap On vintage water bottle Light heather gray with turquoise rubber bottom Used -some creases or wrinkles on one side. -small gouge in rubber on other side
16210.Wooden painted art on wood (3D effect) Seagull/ocean beach scene Fair condition
16211.Harley Davidson motorcycle replica with stand Used but looks like good condition. Has an antenna and place for battery on bottom so assuming it has some kind of controller * over all nice display piece
16212.Metal (possibly brass) Antique picture frame 2 pheasants /flowers/vines around frame
16213.Vintage bottle lot (3) -1 green small fish shaped bottle Text:” bitters” -1 lime green horse shoe shaped bottle text:horse shoe -1 yellow barrel shaped bottle. Text:root r Butters
16214.Vintage TRAQ Sports opera binoculars Used but good condition
16215.Vintage men’s lot (3) -Schlick razor (silver) comes apart used fair condition -brown (looks like snake skin-probebly not) Suntone glasses case. -sunglasses no arms possible attach to regular glasses. Aviator style green lens. Used good condition
16216.Dark brown electrical pole insulator Good condition no chips or cracks
16217.Small light\dark brown electrical pole insulator has marbled effect good condition no chips or cracks
16218.Rooster\chicken lot -ceremic turquoise rooster hollow inside possible vase good condition -small chicken paper weight design in bottom some red and blue and white,red on head
16219.Vintage cup lot (3) -2 corningware white cups light blue design good condition -1 corningware white cup dark blue design good condition
16220.Misc. Vintage Fruit decor lot (3) -1 metal decorative plate Plum Pudding image and recipe -1 clear jar images of fruit all around -1 white creamer pitcher images of fruit around it All good condition believe used
16221.Pottery lot (3) -1 green &orange ombre effect goblet? -1 periwinkle blue creamer pitcher (looks like fiesta ware) -1 creamer\small pitcher with saucer (possible ash tray) south of the boarder design
16222.Vintage Americana lot (3) -1 pill box Mount Rushmore picture on front -1 Avon Statue of liberty plaque -1 7up bottle with ,(most) of pop in it. Liberty bell commemorative bottle
16223.Coca-cola buttons 9 in total all good shape. 1 just says coca-cola the rest have images of the old coca-cola mascot Polar bear
16224.Betty Boop lunch box small metal. Hot pink mainly Betty Boop front and back. Has minor scratches and ware fair condition some rust on inside
16225.Vintage new in box Carters white ink Made for easy covering. Comes with pen\quill
16226.Precious moments doll with stand. Used condition good Sweet little face,red dress with halo of red bows and flowers. Blonde hair precious curls
16227.New plastic clothes line with book 6ft
16228.Spare tire holder new in package
16229.New in box Digital Audio Optical Cable 6ft
16230.ONN mobile phone stand new in package
16231.ONN universal remote new in package
16232.2 new in package Auto Bulbs STK #: BP 890 turn signal 12volt
16233.1 new in package Auto Bulb STK #: 880 backup
16234.Body glove phone case new in package black For samsung galaxy s8
602.Doll Size Wood Radio Flyer Wagon See Pics
603.Doll Size Little Red Racer Wagon See Pics
604.Vintage Gumball Machine Carousel Red 1985 Coin Bank Glass Globe Die Cast
605.Glass Vase See Pics
606.Pink Art Glass Vase
607.Art Glass Vase See Pics
608.Vintage Clear Glass Cornucopia Vase
609.Large Art Glass Vase See Pics
610.Large Art Glass Vase See Pics
611.Vintage Art Glass Vase See Pics
612.Large Art Glass Vase See Pics
613.Large Art Glass Vase See Pics
614.Large Art Glass Vase See Pics
615.Large Art Glass Vase See Pics
616.Large Art Glass Vase See Pics
617.Glass Angle Paperweight See Pics
618.Large Art Glass Vase See Pics
619.Imperial Glass Marigold Iridescent Carnival Pansy Candy Dish Diamond Quilted
620.Mini Pink Depression Glass Rabbit On Basket Dish
621.Art Glass Green Vase
622.Vintage Marigold Carnival Iridescent Glass Vase, Iris Pattern See Pics
623.Vintage Black Vase See Pics
624.Large Art Glass Vase See Pics
625.Large Art Glass Vase See Pics
9140.21-Michigan State University housing division Banks or mugs
9141.Black & Decker PX drill see pics needs battery and charger battery is low
9142.3-new battery terminal cleaners
9143.4-New Steaklover's Pint Glasses,Omaha Steak Set of 4
9144.very nice sporting cards collection see pics.
9145.2-New Stanley Anti-Sag Gate Kit and 2-New Stanley big gate hinge kit
9146. diecast Hummer see pics
9147.4 foot aluminum level see pics.
9148.small portable table 2'x 4' see pics.
9149.two vintage doll chairs one is a rocker see pics.
9150.Over 1/2 Safety & Security. Kimtech Science
9151.plastic tote with miscellaneous hardware items and screws see pics.
9152.water and food for your cats while you are away for a short stay see pics.

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