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Bidding extended on Open items for 10 minutes since last bid.
Category: COINS CURRENCY (2 records) ENDED !!! WILL BE CLOSING AT 3PM FRIDAY JULY 3 - Online Auction Collectibles, Furniture, Electronics, Coins, Antiques & More!
WE ARE STARTING 2 WEEK AUCTIONS FOR THE SUMMER WITH PICKUP THURSDAY & FRIDAY 11AM TO 6 PM WEEK OF AUCTION ONLY Items Listed Every day so Check Back Daily - Ends on Tuesday, 6/30/20 Listings will end starting at 7pm Eastern Time, in numerical lot number order, 4 listings per minute. Bids made on a particular item in the last 10 minutes will extend that item 10 minutes to give an underbidder the opportunity to rebid.

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15803 T_15803.JPGLot of Silver Coins and Ring 13 1367 13.00   ended
15804 T_15804.JPGLot of 4 Indian Head Pennies 6 2182 4.01   ended

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