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WE ARE STARTING 2 WEEK AUCTIONS WITH PICKUP THURSDAY & FRIDAY 11AM TO 6 PM WEEK OF AUCTION ONLY Items Listed Every day so Check Back Daily - Bidding ends on Tuseday 1/12/21 Listings will end starting at 7pm Eastern Time, in numerical lot number order, 4 listings per minute. Bids made on a particular item in the last 10 minutes will extend that item 10 minutes to give an underbidder the opportunity to rebid.

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23 T_23.JPGNew Seymour Athletic Stripe Paint Marking Machine 3in. to 6in. Lines, Model# Z-607 Maybe Used Once But Looks New The Seymour Athletic Stripe Paint Marking Machine is designed to quickly and easily apply straight, crisp lines utilizing Seymour's inverted aerosol athletic paints (sold separately).4 easy rolling wheels for smooth applications and easy maneuvering on a variety of terrain Applies consistent 3in. or 6in. lines Convenient storage area holds up to a case of paint

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