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16209 T_16209A.JPG1931-1959 “AMERICAN HISTORY “. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MAGAZINE articles bound by Berrien Book Bindery. very cool good condition SEE PICS 1. July 1931 vol 60 Unearthing America’s Ancient History 2. Oct 1932 vol 62 Monte Alban, Richest Archeological Find in America 3. May 1933 vol 63 How the United States Grew 4.Apr 1937 vol 71 The Restoration of Colonial Williamsburg 5. July 1938 vol 74 Pilgrims Still stop at Plymouth 6. Aug 1939 vol 76 Discovering the New Worlds Oldest Dated Work of Man 7. Nov 1959 vol 116 Census: 1960 Profile if Nation 8. July 1959 vol 116 New Stars For Old Glory 9.Dec 1959 vol 116 Presidents Music Men

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