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Bid history for item: 30 - MaxBids are not disclosed! ENDED !!! Nice Furniture, Collectibles, Furniture, Electronics, Coins, Antiques, Jewelry & More PICKUP WILL BE THURSDAY 12/31/20 11AM TO 5PM AND MONDAY 1/4/21 11AM TO 6PM !!!

New auction format and new website updates coming next month will look more modernize website Look for more updates thanks CCAS Items Listed Ever day so Check Back Daily - Bidding ends on Tuesday, 12/29/20 .. Listings will end starting at 7pm Eastern Time, in numerical lot number order, 2 listings per minute. Bids made on a particular item in the last 10 minutes will extend that item 10 minutes to give an underbidder the opportunity to rebid.

Bidder Amount Time (ET) Current Winning
1463 1.00 Dec-17-2020 7:06am 1.00 1463
2359 1.25 Dec-17-2020 12:32pm 1.25 2359
1463 1.50 Dec-17-2020 2:33pm 1.75 2359
2712 2.00 Dec-21-2020 6:39pm 4.02 2712
2398 4.27 Dec-23-2020 11:45am 4.52 2712

Note: If the last bidder is different than the winning bidder, the winning bidder has previously placed a MaxBid.

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